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Will Threads Be the Game-Changing Social Platform People Think It Is?

By Haley Newbanks and Randy Warner

Will Threads have the same staying power as Facebook and Instagram, or will it become an outdated buzzword like “new normal” and “Vine”?

Threads, the new microblogging platform from Meta, is poised to give Twitter a run for its money. Just released in July, Threads offers social media users a new way to connect via text-based content. Now for the big question: will Threads have the same staying power as Facebook and Instagram, or will it become an outdated buzzword like “new normal” and “Vine”?

Here’s what we know so far and what our Hahn Agency experts predict.

About Threads: Platform Overview

Threads is a text-based app similar to Twitter. Users can write and share posts up to 500 characters, follow other users, and view content related to specific interests. Similar to Twitter, there’s a main feed where you can see posts from people you follow, as well as a personal “thread” where you can view your own activity.

With more than 100 million Threads created in just 24 hours, content creators are already getting busy on the platform. One of the app’s key advantages is its longer post length, allowing up to 500 characters per post.

Overall, the app offers a user-friendly interface that’s easy to start using right away. The main page features simple icons that are mostly self-explanatory. To create a post, tap the pen-and-paper icon. To search for content, tap the magnifying glass. Or, to like a post, tap the heart. There’s also an option to seamlessly share your Threads content to your IG feed.

The app launched at a time when many Twitter users are leaving the platform in response to Elon Musk’s takeover. Meta is using mass migration to fill the gap and offer audiences an alternative solution while retaining the favored features and functions of Twitter.

Who is Threads For?

With Threads being an Instagram app, it’s targeted mostly toward young adults, including those who are likely using Instagram and those who have used Twitter. Entrepreneurs have long sung the praises of Twitter, along with journalists and public figures, so it’s likely that similar users will be part of the Threads network.

Users with disabilities may also find favor with Threads. The same accessibility features on Instagram—including screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions—are also available on the Threads app.

Safety, Privacy, and Moderation Policies

Being a Meta product, the creators of Threads are no strangers to data privacy and safety protocols. Still, experts have warned users not to be too quick to download the app—not just yet, at least.

One reason is that the app has been put on hold in the EU, where there are more stringent data privacy laws. This indicates there could be potential safety issues that need to be investigated.

The app shares on the App Store what data is collected, such as health and fitness data, contacts, or browsing history. However, it’s unclear how this data is used if it’s collected and with whom it’s shared.

The app has also reportedly hit a few snags in the content moderation department. Content guidelines align with those of Instagram, which bans nearly all nudity and hostility toward marginalized groups. But already, there have been reports of users attempting to make Threads a “hostile place” for LGBTQ+ individuals. How the platform will moderate content moving forward remains unclear.

Looking Forward: Will Threads Outlast Seasoned Social Competitors?

Based on the scene so far, we believe Meta has something going with Threads that, at a minimum, will continue to pique interest, and at a maximum, become a Top 5 social network in due time. While still very new, Threads has already amassed more than 41 million users, and its audience is already more engaged than those on Twitter.

Engagement truly is the name of the game, though. No social network can succeed on user numbers alone. And since it appears that Threads is the political polar opposite of Twitter, it will give marketers an obvious place to connect with audiences that fit specific demographics.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments in the social media scene so you can keep pushing forward.