Transforming complex ideas into compelling outreach is what Hahn is all about.

What We Do

Hahn promotes and protects brands. As marketers, we create high performing outreach campaigns to launch new brands, new products and to help clients reach more of their audience by using a level of precision made possible by predictive data science, A.I. and an array of digital technologies. Our deep experience in reputation building also has us working every day with influencers, amplifiers and for clients navigating difficult situations.

Why We Do It

Hahn specializes in two sectors: food and beverage along with energy and essential service providers. Our clients make everyday life possible. They make the lights turn on and your house warm. They grow, deliver and serve good food, build infrastructure, and keep people healthy. While their work is sometimes overlooked, we see them. We see and fully appreciate the incredible role they play in making the world work, so have made it our mission to support their missions.

Hahn uses predictive marketing and communications to promote and protect client brands that provide the essentials for daily life. Our expertise is focused on food and energy because people need to eat and people need to heat.


Hahn traces its roots back to 1974 and today is a purpose-built agency made possible by the thoughtful acquisition of Statistical Vision, White Lion Interactive, the Predictive Media Network, Apron F + B and Hahn Public Communications.

Our talented and diverse people are located in or near San Antonio, Houston, Ft. Worth and Denver, Colorado. The home office in Austin, Texas is on the historic Brodie Homestead, first settled in 1879. The 1949 farm house built by Dr. J.D. Weaver and family, has been preserved and renovated for our remote and hybrid team members and clients.

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We chose Hahn for their hustle and more than a decade later, are following their advice in order to expand nationally. It’s been and continues to be an amazing relationship.

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