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Building an AI Native Culture: Tapping Into Its Predictive Power

By Tim Weinheimer

AI has grown into a mature and stable tool that can solve a wide range of business problems. However, while the potential benefits of AI are apparent, many marketing agencies are hesitant to take full advantage of them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time, but it has taken on renewed importance in recent years due to several technological innovations. Once seen as a niche technology with limited applicability, AI has grown into a mature and stable tool that can solve a wide range of business problems. However, while the potential benefits of AI are apparent, many marketing agencies are hesitant to take full advantage of them. From my own experience, I know that agencies can be stuck in their ways, unwilling to move on from what has worked for them in the past, even if it means ignoring growth opportunities.

This is something we aim to avoid at Hahn: rather than treat AI as just another tool, we see it as the fundamental basis of all our operations and strategies. As such, we place a lot of emphasis on building and maintaining an “AI Native” culture. In this context, the term “AI Native” refers to a business model or approach where AI is a natural part of an organization’s functionality, deeply integrated into every facet of daily operations, from decision-making to product development to customer interactions. By fully embracing AI as part of our operational approach, we can take advantage of its predictive power and make smarter choices, both for the company and our clients. 

Of course, some might be intimidated to invest so heavily into AI: it’s data-loaded work and can seem quite complex, especially for those inexperienced with the tech. Also, while there’s been a lot of talk about AI in recent years, most of it has centered around Generative AI (GenAI), so many don’t realize the innovative potential that predictive AI (our specialty) can bring to the table. For all of the hype surrounding GenAI, its short-term adoption and productivity gains will likely be restricted due to the technology’s current limitations. By comparison, 74% of CMOs believe that AI-powered predictive analytics will be essential for their marketing strategy over the next few years thanks to its ability to analyze patterns within existing data to make accurate predictions and forecasts about future outcomes.

This crystal ball approach has many applications: at Hahn, we specialize in predictive marketing, promoting brands through knowledge gleaned from detailed data about customer behaviors and patterns. This allows us to help clients diverge from the linear marketing model of objective, target audience, and call-to-action, instead adopting a continuous engagement cycle that fosters organic connection with clients and prospects throughout each step on their purchasing and decision paths. Also, since the algorithms are constantly learning, they are constantly improving, generating stronger insights over time. 

Predictive AI can also be valuable for retooling your business strategy and overarching goals. An exercise we often conduct with our clients involves asking the CEO of a company to imagine their ideal headline in the New York Times. Then the team at Hahn would look at how they utilize predictive AI to make that headline come true, identifying specific strategies that can bring their vision closer to reality. With predictive AI, we can offer guidance that ensures brands are on the right track to achieve their goals. 

Marketing agencies aren’t the only ones benefiting from predictive AI models either. For example, UPS saves an estimated $35 million annually by optimizing package delivery planning with predictive AI models. There are also cases like Rolls-Royce, which uses AI in predictive maintenance to improve the efficiency of jet engines and reduce the amount of carbon their planes produce, all while streamlining maintenance schedules. Nearly any industry can benefit from the insights offered by predictive AI. 

Meanwhile, we at Hahn are working to ensure that more companies take advantage of the many benefits of generative and predictive AI. Our internal AI task force continuously surveys clients, identifying where they are in their AI journeys and what role they expect us to play in its adoption and application to their businesses. Additionally, we’re developing our own Hahn AI bot to enable better surface assets, internal intelligence, and collaboration with our 100% remote workforce. We’re also leveraging predictive analytics to build custom databases that measure previously unmeasurable data points, giving clients new insights into how their media content performs.

So if you’re looking for a peek into your company’s future, don’t treat AI like just another tool. Embrace the “AI-Native” approach and tap into the technology’s true predictive power. Hahn will be there to guide you on your journey.

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