Rapid Response Planning Workshop

Dust off the 3-ring crisis response binder –– then feel free to recycle it responsibly. Hahn’s Rapid Response Planning Workshop replaces those obsolete binders with a single sheet of paper, cutting through the junk to help organization’s creating a rapid response culture versus bulky plans that are destined to be immediately ignored when the spaghetti hits the fan. This workshop puts the rapid back into rapid response.

Why Hahn’s Workshop Stands Out

Message, messenger, and method of delivery –– these are the core elements of Hahn’s Breaking Bad News crisis communication system, developed from seven years of in- depth research. The planning workshop includes a priority issue inventory module to help organization’s focus on areas of greatest potential risk, as well as rapid response team preparation module.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Hahn’s breakthrough Reputation Dissonance model – the five-step sequence every Rapid Response team must master to be effective
  • The #1 thing rapid response get wrong and the information necessary to ensure your organization avoids it.
  • The four message characterizations crucial to sound decision-making during the opening moments of a crisis.
  • The 16 messaging options available to any organization facing a crisis
  • The 7 messenger options an organization can use. It’s not always the CEO!
  • The 12 method of delivery options ranging from no comment to press conference
  • The 30 issues most likely to affect your brand’s reputation.

How Sessions Work

  • This is a walk-through planning session to inventory every critical aspect of your organization’s crisis plan. We start with rapid response team basics, then perform an issue inventory, and finish with an immersive review of the components of Hahn’s Reputation Dissonance model
  • Training is conducted via Zoom or at Hahn’s home office in Austin, Texas
  • Half-day groups sessions for up to 12 people

What Participants Receive

  • A signed copy of Jeff Hahn’s book, Breaking Bad News: 12 Essential Crisis Communication Tools
  • A rapid response planning guide in electronic form to be filled out during the workshop
  • A 10-pack of rapid response pocket guide blanks that can be self-printed

Workshop Pricing

A typical and unusable 3-ring binder can cost up to $25,000 to develop, distribute, then recycle. Hahn’s workshop is $2,500 per person for a half-day session