Predictive Media Training

Media interviewing can be unnerving because it’s unnatural, especially when the subject matter is difficult or complex. Hahn’s Predictive Interviewing Model is the answer.

Our one-of-a-kind Predictive Interviewing Model shows you, step-by-step, the question- types reporters are most likely to ask, and the sequence in which they predictably ask them. It is the world’s easiest-to-master interviewing method.

Veteran reporters and corporate communication experts make up the Predictive Media training team. They can also train participants on how to provide public testimony.

Why Hahn’s Workshop Stands Out

Predictive Media Training was created by analyzing more than 500 interviews to discover the secret pattern of a media interview, and we teach it using a curriculum that folds up to fit in your pocket. Say goodbye to 3-ring binders that you’ll never use again!

What You’ll Learn

  • The average length of a sound bite
  • The 6 question types reporter’s ask
  • The 8 part interview sequence reporters use when they conduct an interview
  • The 2 techniques you can use to control the flow of an interview
  • The 3 messages you can use in any interview to be exceptionally quotable

How Sessions Work

  • Training is conducted at your location or at the Predictive Media studios
  • Half- or full-day sessions are available
  • Individual or groups sessions for up to four people per trainer can be designed
  • Workshops are fully or semi-customized to client interests and topics
  • On camera practice and positive video feedback coaching is provided for every participant

What Participants Receive

The one-of-a-kind, 11×17 size Predictive Interviewing fold-out pocket guide covering all the key points of the workshop

Workshop Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $2,250 per person for a half-day session
  • Discounts apply depending on number of participants
  • Course customization and travel may increase pricing