Brand Messaging Workshop

Brands are complicated, interrelated structures. Teams attend Hahn’s Brand Messaging Workshop to create or renew their brand messaging using persuasion and storytelling science based on archetypal patterns. This workshop is an excellent way to refresh a product story, update a brand’s pillars and is a great tool for kicking off Employee Value Proposition campaigns as well.

Why Hahn’s Workshop Stands Out

In one day, participants can break through the noise and clutter of competing ideas to build a customized message platform capable of capturing attention.

What You’ll Learn

  • Your priority audiences versus your priority stakeholders
  • Your positioning –– the reason you should stand out to customers or consumers
  • Your brand’s core motive, active archetype, and persistent metaphor
  • A triad of messages that clearly articulate your brand’s value proposition

How Sessions Work

  • A pre-workshop questionnaire/survey is sent to each participant for completion prior to the workshop
  • Facilitation is conducted at your location or at Hahn’s home office in Austin, Texas
  • Sessions are one full day (8:30am to 4:30pm) in length for up to 12 people
  • All workshops are fully customized to client interests and topics
  • Exercises include: Participant questionnaire analysis, JoHari Window, Archetype Assessment, Metaphor & Motive Selection, Platform Copywriting

What Participants Receive

  • Groups leave with a slide deck containing the work product for the day for review and further refinement.

Workshop Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $6,500 for a full-day session
  • Course customization, travel and follow-on work requested by the client may increase pricing