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Celebrating National Women’s Health Week: Prioritizing Wellness in Every Woman’s Journey

By Jen Cannon

As a leader in predictive marketing and communications surrounding health and nutrition and immersed in a network of powerful women, Hahn wants to bring awareness to National Women’s Health Week.

This past weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day with the special people in our lives, but that shouldn’t be the only time we’re checking in.

You’re most likely well aware of the odds stacked against women’s health with heart disease, cancers, and reproductive issues dominating headlines. Even with these odds, women put their health in the rearview, pushing off check-ups, not managing stress, and even minimizing warning signs. Women can feel compelled to “get through” a certain stage in their lives before prioritizing their self care, when in fact this is exactly the time that seeking care becomes crucial. We know that infertility, weight gain, hair loss, and melanomas most often occur in your 30s and 40s, a prime time of juggling career, family, and activities. However, these ages are also prime for screenings to identify concerns. If we don’t set women up for success in prioritizing health in their early careers, we not only stifle innovation but also obstruct their potential for future success professionally and personally.

In industries where women are well represented in the workforce, such as healthcare and education, having a seat at the table is essential for advocating for the health and well-being of women. Women have historically been faced with the decision of career or family and the narrative of “Women can have it all and do both” has unintentionally exaggerated the women’s health crisis. Addressing the income gap and promoting gender equity in wages is crucial for improving women’s health outcomes as financial stress exacerbates access to resources and decision making abilities.


Tackling women’s health can begin with empowering the women in your life to take proactive measures such as regular exercise, balanced nutrition, intuitive eating, and mindfulness. Additionally, reminding them to schedule check-ups or take self-exams and understand predispositions are crucial for the early detection and prevention of many health conditions. Navigating health as a woman can be tough due to cultural and societal taboos, lack of education, and more; causing women to squash their concerns or not know where to turn for help. It is for these reasons FemTech is aiding traditional healthcare providers in being able to offer specialized care and provide relevant, up to date research and offerings.


FemTech, a $50 billion industry that receives just 4% of all digital health funding, is short for Female Technology, a term coined to describe consumer centric, technology services and products focused on the unique needs of women. These companies involve women in all stages of design and development in order to create accessible, personalized solutions to track menstrual cycles, monitor fertility, access reproductive healthcare, address menopausal symptoms, and so much more. Spanning clinical trials to wearables, the innovation in FemTech has demonstrated the need for continued investment to meet the evolving needs of women’s health.

At Hahn, we recognize and applaud the efforts of the brands and systems making meaningful advancements for women’s health. Let’s recommit ourselves this Women’s Health Week to empowering the mothers, partners, sisters, aunts, friends, and others in our lives to prioritize their well-being. Through regular screenings, adopting healthy lifestyle habits, and supporting brands that prioritize women’s wellness, we can collectively drive change. At Hahn, we will continue to communicate the messages and offerings of brands that innovate for women and meet their unique health journeys with the quality care and support they deserve.


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