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Fulfilling Our Vision to Help Clients Predict Their Customer’s Next Move
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Fulfilling Our Vision to Help Clients Predict Their Customer’s Next Move

By Tim Weinheimer

Attention, all marketing communications executives! Bring us your zettabytes, petabytes and every data byte in between!

(Well, maybe not that much data.)

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen first-hand how the larger and more complex an organization becomes, the more important collaborative and cross-functional analytics become. Leaders, executives and stakeholders are feeling the pressure to make critical decisions about their website experience from branding to solving complex user experience architectures. Now, we see the same challenge when it comes to data strategy, and the demand for data facilitation is greater than ever before. Specifically, the field of predictive analytics has proven itself as one of the most valuable tools our clients can have at their disposal.

To meet this growing demand for our clients, Hahn Agency has transformed its data management specialization into Hahn Agency DataOps. We have expanded our agency model to address our clients’ data management needs – from integrated digital marketing reporting to more complex industry-wide data cataloguing, management and visualization.

Our analytics capabilities enable predictive forecasting, data-driven marketing and data visualization solutions that drive engagement, sales and revenues. The technologies behind these capabilities include some of today’s most in-demand data skills provided by our data analysis team of experts, including artificial intelligence, data science and the application of machine learning.


Better market analysis, improved risk management and greater operational efficiency are just a few of the benefits that our clients can leverage through our best-in-class analytics and data mining services. For most leaders and stakeholders, the question is not whether they should harness the power of data but how. And we’re here to help clients solve that question.

Introducing Hahn Agency’s DataOps: Much More Than DevOps for Data

Hahn Agency’s DataOps is an agile, process-oriented methodology that delivers collaborative, cross-functional analytics. It brings DevOps and data scientists together to develop the tools and structures needed to enable data-driven marketing, analysis and management.

This whole is more than the sum of its parts. Hahn Agency’s DataOps is more than just DevOps applied to data analytics. DevOps is in our blood, or rather in our valued employees’ DNA who celebrate an average tenure of 11-plus years in working together. All of our proven processes and principles of our DevOps system now give organizations the ability to activate data for business value across every technology tier – from infrastructure to immersive customer experiences. It does this with the agility and quality of DevOps, but in an even bigger way.


Hahn Agency Case Study: Helping the Propane Industry Create a Data-First Culture and Community

The best way to showcase the power of Hahn Agency’s DataOps is through example. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is a non-profit organization that establishes safety standards for the propane industry and invests in propane research and development. Its leaders are the chief stakeholders of the entire propane industry. At Hahn Agency, we’re incredibly proud to be the trusted partner to PERC for all of the DevOps driving the web machine known as

Data is crucial to PERC’s objectives. The organization has millions and millions of rows of data pertaining to every corner of the industry it guides. Previously, these data sets lived in various formats, with varying levels of accessibility. Users saved files on local desktops, cloud-based data warehouses and Excel exports without firm and consistent organization-wide governance.

This made gleaning insights and producing accurate analytics incredibly difficult. PERC cannot lead the propane industry without enabling better data analytics.

You can learn more about our work with the propane industry.

Our Process for Data Management: Integrated Hahn Agency’s DataOps in Five Steps

We leveraged our agency’s intelligence to inspiration (i2I) model to address this problem with a comprehensive data-research planning model. In partnership with PERC, Hahn Agency’s DataOps team developed a model consisting of five steps:

Define Problem and Experiment Design

The first step is to gather feedback from stakeholders and subject matter experts. We created a comprehensive survey for stakeholders and held 1:1 interviews with subject matter experts to identify the problem and design data experiments.

Orchestrate Sandbox

It’s clear that the ways data moves are crucial to this project’s success. We were going to have to test multiple approaches to data operation, so we cataloged, cleaned and merged data sets to establish an accurate sandbox environment.

Conduct Use Case Experiments

Our team could now test value-driving data mining processes by audience and by department. Gathering data on these use case experiments makes it possible to identify the most efficient approach.

Socialize and Validate Findings

Our findings aren’t going to implement themselves. We need to communicate them back to stakeholders and secure buy-in on their behalf. People need to know what our findings mean for the PERC organization.

Put in Production and Enable Visualization

Once buy-in is secured and everyone is ready, we can enable live data sets and incorporate analytics. Through a multitude of API connectors, we’re able to instantly deploy visualization tools for producing any type of motion graphics that demonstrate its effectiveness to stakeholders, boards of directors, media, influencers and customers alike.

The team responsible for creating and establishing this new planning model is made up of Hahn Agency and PERC experts. It includes marketing and research operations professionals, digital strategists, senior data analysts, content authors, creative designers, and programmers.

Propane’s New Home Address for Data:

Hahn Agency identified as the best option for enabling PERC to establish state-of-the-art data management workflows. As the world’s largest open data community, it provides the necessary tools and resources for our combined Hahn Agency’s DataOps team to improve PERC personas, metadata modeling and stewardship and to ultimately meet their goal of increased data democratization across other connected energy industries.

Working with the team, Hahn Agency’s DataOps delivered an automated data management process for discovering and reporting mission-critical propane industry insights. These insights have proven crucial for winning policy-making and legislative battles that protect access to propane products in two ways:

  • PERC now has the ability to present new, accurate and timely CO2 emissions data that supports propane’s role in atmospheric decarbonization initiatives.
  • PERC can now enable and distribute industry marketing performance intelligence that helps inform which strategies are meeting key performance indicators and which ones are not.

Bottom line, PERC has the ability to obtain fast, accurate answers to propane industry questions. It can access all of its data through a single repository, generate reports and visuals instantaneously, and link disparate data sources together through data management platforms like Snowflake, Fluxx and Tableau.

Hahn Agency is a digital agency that enables organizations to deploy data-driven marketing strategies that deliver valuable insight. Learn more about our exceptional team, client work and capabilities on


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