Texas Beef Council – All Plates of Life

Can we heal the world’s divisions over a shared meal? It’s a tall order, but that’s what we sought to do with Beef Loving Texans’ new campaign.

The Challenge

Beef Loving Texans, the consumer-facing brand of Texas Beef Council, is supported and funded by the Texas beef industry – by beef farmers and ranchers – and exists to promote beef. Previous campaigns had focused on the ranchers, but Beef Loving Texans came to Hahn with a challenge to try something new.

Our First Insight

We need to relate to Beef Loving Texans’ consumer audience, the 85+ percent of Texans who live in and around cities.

The Solution

We started by getting to know the “Modern Texan” and their characteristics. We developed and presented four campaign concepts to Beef Loving Texans, and tested three with focus groups. We developed multiple directions within the leading concept and Beef Loving Texans selected one that highlights the universality, versatility and connecting power of food, specifically beef. Finally, we helped Beef Loving Texans select and manage a production and editing team and ensured smooth delivery of all campaign components.

The Campaign

It’s about recognizing that Beef Loving Texans are as unique and diverse as the types of dishes we make.

Custom Trailer Wrap

The Texas Beef Council owns two trailers for destination events across the state. The trailer wrap was designed to reflect the modern ‘All Plates’ campaign and also promote the first two seasons of BBQuest. When driving through Texas, keep an eye out for this visual snack.

The Results



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