Silent Quadrant – Integrated B2B Digital Brand Marketing

Silent Quadrant (SQ) is a niche digital security consultancy with nearly 30 years of experience in the DC area and beyond. Primarily working with top lobbying firms and other government-related organizations, they have delivered incomparable cybersecurity consulting, digital transformation, and risk management for their clients — empowering them to be the most resilient entities in the world.

The Challenge: The Right Visibility

Silent Quadrant is the top digital security firm serving the DC area. With a well-established track record in the lobbying and federal agency space, they posed this question: “How can we reposition our brand identity to increase visibility and strengthen our product offering – not only for our existing clients, but also for future engagements in new industries and verticals?”

Additionally, the agency recently welcomed its new President, Chief Information Security Advisory, Marc Packler, who has an immense breadth of experience across both the public and private sectors through his 25+ year career in the United States Air Force.

The Solution: Defined Brand Identity and 1-1 Outreach

Hahn worked with SQ to elevate their brand, redefine the product offering and develop personalized one-to-one market strategies that would support their future growth. The full brand redevelopment consisted of a new brand logo, messaging and website redesign, all with the goal of helping SQ differentiate themselves from its competitors with the tagline: Compromise Nothing.

The new SQ logo communicated the concept of “stealth mode.” While attackers are focused on infiltrating your system, SQ is already one step ahead. They’re nearly invisible, yet always in motion. Attackers will never see SQ coming.

Tailored Targeting Through Email

To market to their current and prospective clients, Hahn reinforced the new branding in SQ’s documentation. Launched in March 2021, Target Lock, SQ’s monthly e-newsletter, delivers the latest cybersecurity news to its subscribers, with the ability to provide tailored content for clients.


Reporting Clear Results for Clients

Additionally, SQ’s Reveal Executive Intelligence Report delivers a clear, objective view of an organization’s current cyber resilience posture, revealing exactly where business focus should be directed to improve organizational resilience. The redesign of the report provided a clearer picture of scores when presented to clients.

Promoting SQ Spokesperson

Since Marc is a widely acknowledged subject matter expert and public speaker on matters of digital protection and risk management, there was also an opportunity to reach SQ’s target audiences through 1-1 relationship marketing and public relations outreach.

The Result: Award-winning Logo and New Relationships

The new SQ logo won the international design Graphis Silver Award in 2020. Graphis is an international bastion of excellence in design and visual imagery.


Additionally, since the launch of Target Lock, the email campaign generated above-average metrics:



The industry standard for an average email open rate should be between 17-28%.



The industry standard for an average click-through rate should be between 2-5%.



Which is always the gold standard.

Speaking Out

Marc’s expertise has provided additional opportunity to expand Silent Quadrant’s product offering and further develop their brand positioning. Since conducting public relations outreach to position Marc to trade media, he’s been accepted into the prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau, published an exclusive on Cyber Defense Magazine and is working on additional exclusives for other magazines. Hahn is continuing to pitch Marc for podcasts, conferences, webinars and more.

Partnering for the Benefit of Clients

SQ also recently announced its new first-of-its-kind collaboration with Alpine Group, a bipartisan, bicameral government affairs consulting firm, bringing unique capabilities and opportunities to clients seeking to address the critical role their firms and solutions play in securing our national defense and addressing federal digitization and digital transformation challenges.

Never Sitting Idle

The work doesn’t stop here. Hahn and Silent Quadrant are continuing to work on extending its brand to continue offering tailored digital protection services to its clients. Coming soon: Quadrant Four.