Propane Education and Research Council

The Propane Education Research Council (PERC) is a U.S. trade association that services the propane industry. The only energy council of its kind, PERC leads safety and training efforts among propane retailers and consumers and drives technology development to expand adoption of propane as a clean, domestic, and affordable energy source.

The Challenge

When PERC initially came to us, their web presence existed across several websites. Our challenge was to combine several existing sites into one cohesive brand. With its many stakeholders and target audiences, the project team faced the complex challenge of architecting an intuitive online experience for that would communicate multiple messages, guide users, and provide a myriad of functionality.

The Solution

Working from a sophisticated and well-executed set of designs, we created several complex templates within a WordPress CMS that would allow PERC to manage and create customized content for each of their user groups. The site is fully integrated across a number of different platforms, giving PERC the opportunity to serve their broad audience from a single point. The Hahn Agency worked in collaboration with Swanson Russell, PERC’s agency of record, to build and create the new website experience.


Web Technologies and Strategies We Developed To Build the PERC Website

  • WordPress Content Management Software
  • HubSpot CRM Marketing User integration
  • Ecommerce Platform integration with WooCommerce & Stripe
  • Ecommerce Reporting with Metorik
  • Ecommerce Inventory and Fulfillment with VeraCore
  • Product Finder with Google Maps and MapBox integrations
  • WebDam Asset Management integration
  • Content Migration Management from several different sites with WordPress Importer
  • Custom page templates and page builders to support an extensive Style Guide
  • Management of a multi-site environment via WP Engine
  • Website search enhancements with Algolia and Relevanssi

Custom WordPress Page Builder

A custom Page Builder Template with 26 different design components, allowing the flexibility to create content while working within the established style guide.

HubSpot CRM Marketing User Integration

User integration with HubSpot which allows PERC to streamline management of their user groups.

Ecommerce Order, Checkout, and Purchase

A fully integrated checkout experience, leveraging WooCommerce and WebDam asset management. Users can download and purchase from a collection of 750 different resources. The ecommerce platform is integrated with VeraCore fulfillment for order management.

Propane Market Research and Outlook Search

A Market Outlook search that allows Marketers to see the latest information on propane usage in their regions. Administrators can manage and update these reports every quarter using the WordPress admin.

Propane Product Locator

A Where to Buy feature that allows users to search Propane Suppliers from Google My Business, and a list of Equipment Dealers that PERC manages through HubSpot.

Other Special Features we Developed

  • Over 1,800 pages of custom content.
  • Sophisticated product, location, and site search tools.
  • Members-only section that allows PERC to provide specific messaging, resources, and training materials to select consumer groups.
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Super satisfied. Very modern, sleek, and represents a pivotal turning point for PERC.

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Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

The Results

Since the mid-December launch, PERC has received significant positive feedback from all of their user groups. The new site is easier to use and the information is easier to find. The content management process has been significantly improved for PERC staff, and user management is now more streamlined and organized. Overall we are very proud of the work that has been done and we look forward to continuing to work with PERC to add new features and build upon the newly created experience.

Of Fundraising Goal


Of Fundraising Goal

Donations far exceeded expectations




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