Oncor Electric Delivery Company is Texas’s largest transmission and distribution electric utility, the 5th largest in the US, and serves more than 10 million Texans in 420 cities and 120 counties in the state. Improving customer care through digital-mobile experiences is a brand imperative for Oncor in delivering always-on power to its customers.

The Challenge

With the launch of a new Oncor.com by their brand agency, Oncor’s communications team needed faster, better data and insights to make measured, informed decisions about everything from new residential service requests to mobile-app reported outages.

The Solution

This required an entirely new measurement plan to drive their customer experience (CX) decision-making through real-time mobile-web intelligence and needed to be custom built by White Lion Interactive. Through a comprehensive evaluation of data sources, data collection methods and an audit of current reporting, a new Google Data Studio analytics dashboard was launched providing real-time, anytime data visualization reporting to internal corporate stakeholders.

With service areas through West, North and Central Texas, Oncor’s business is no stranger to severe weather events and subsequent power outages. Having accurate, trusted online engagement intelligence is paramount to their business where more than 75% of their audiences are smartphone users.

Texas Winter Storm Rapid Response Reporting

At the onset of ERCOT’s mandated rolling power outages, starting Sunday, February 14, 2021 through Wednesday, February 17, 2021, the agency provided daily website performance metrics and actionable CX insights in meeting the flood of residential and business requests through Oncor.com.


Continuous reporting provided Oncor the insights on when, where and what customers’ most immediate needs were:

  • More website users in three days than the entire 2020 year (811k vs 655k).
  • Traffic to MyOncor alerts increased by 200%.
  • Spanish language pages moved into the top 10 most visited resources.
  • Bounce rates dropped 33% demonstrating users’ ability to quickly find what they needed.
  • Top site sections – Home, Outages, Weather, FAQs and Contact Us – provided immediate, web-based power updates and access to customer care.

Brand Sentiment and Reputation Reporting

In addition to providing website analytics reports, our analytics team delivered an Oncor brand social media sentiment analysis for addressing brand reputation concerns stemming from the days-long power outages along with Wikipedia engagement reporting. On Wikipedia, the brand also experienced significant increases in visibility with 10,305 page views, a +223% increase compared to the monthly average for the last year, and a +733% increase to the monthly average for Q4 2020. (Source: Oncor Wikipedia, 2021)


Leveraging these combined metrics, the Oncor communications team not only has the ability to know what’s necessary for effective rapid response strategies to better support its customers, but to also determine new content needs for its website, social media, their blog and mobile app(s).