Beef Loving Texans – BBQuest

As the state checkoff program for more than 140,000 cattle producers, Texas Beef Council is tasked with finding a place on consumers’ plates for beef. Beef Loving Texans was born out of a need for a consumer-facing brand that meets Texans in their everyday lives, in order to increase the visibility of beef and support the beef industry in Texas.


The old adage isn’t wrong: we are what we eat. Some of us get pulled towards traditional, tried-and-true flavors. Others enjoy the search for what’s new, next and exciting. With more options than ever before, our food choices make a statement about our identity.

The Challenge

Texas is known for its cowboy and cattle heritage, but today’s Texas is young, urban and diverse and it is only getting more so. More than 85 percent of Texans live in a major city or suburb, and nearly half of Texans were born outside the state. The state has also been majority minority for nearly 10 years.

The Solution

Beef Loving Texans needed to bridge the gap between past traditions, present culture and the state’s eternal pride. This spot is Texas barbecue.

To reach today’s Texan, we focused on three insights:

  1. Texas barbecue is having a major (and lasting) moment.
  2. Primary research from early 2018 told us barbecue was one of Texans’ favorite cuisines. As it so happens, Texas barbecue is mainly beef. Plus, barbecue is easy to find for Texans in all cities.
  3. Beef Loving Texans had a strong track record creating short-form video, photos and blogs, but brand storytelling has evolved beyond stand-alone videos and blogs.

It was time to try something much bigger.

BBQuest Season One: Best Barbecue Joints in Texas

We created a food and travel docu-style series which connects viewers to the pastimes of Texas barbecue, acquaints them with the people who prepare and serve it, and shows them the spirit behind the flavors they love. By sharing these stories, the BBQuest series reminds actual beef loving Texans of what it truly means when they choose to eat barbecue. They are taking part in a time-honored, yet innovative, food culture which is closely tied to Texas.

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