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Predictions and trends and patterns. Oh my! This is how we think.

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Measuring Earned Media Value (EMV) in Modern PR

Everything you need to know about finding accurate ROI.

By Michael Griebe

Lab Articles

Why Hahn is Committed to Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

When we set out on our mission in 2020 to become a leading predictive marketing communications firm, we knew we needed greater access to client data and an expert data team to manage, analyze and offer our clients an entirely new level of truly data-powered communications.

By Tim Weinheimer

Predicting the Future of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become one of the top marketing buzzwords in 2023. This new conversational AI technology is revolutionizing the way we work and communicate. However, for many marketing and comms professionals, fear precludes its functions.

By Michael Griebe

Labor Relations, Free Speech, and Three Options

True to Hahn’s “predictive” orientation, I’m sensing that the National Labor Relations Board has created future brand reputation challenges for lots of employers.

By Jeff Hahn

New Trends Reshaping QSR

Drive-thru isn’t the only innovation happening in QSR. Behind the scenes, smarter, more connected thinking is optimizing restaurant performance.

By Meredith Vachon