Breaking Bad News Crisis Simulator

Rapid Response teams tasked with protecting brand reputations get better at responding with practice. Hahn’s fully immersive crisis communication workshop provide brand and reputation managers with the practice they need to effectively respond to any crisis. Fair warning: this workshop can bring the pain, but the gain is totally worthwhile.

Why Hahn’s Workshop Stands Out

Breaking Bad News is a crisis communication system born from seven years of in-depth research. The system is so sophisticated that it is simple for Rapid Response teams to learn and apply in as little as one day.

What You’ll Learn

  • Your Rapid Response team’s readiness using our in-depth diagnostic
  • Our industry-leading Reputation Dissonance model – the five-step sequence every Rapid Response team must master to be effective
  • The 16 messaging options available to any organization facing a crisis
  • The 7 messenger options an organization can use. It’s not always the CEO!
  • The 12 method of delivery options –– from no comment to press conference

How Sessions Work

  • Training is conducted at your location or at Hahn’s home office in Austin, Texas
  • Half- or full-day groups sessions for up to 12 people
  • All workshops are fully customized to client interests and topics
  • Multimedia-rich crisis simulation to include social media and news media interaction with three-levels of escalation
  • On camera practice and positive video feedback coaching is provided for spokespeople
  • Instructor (typically three attend) scoring of team performance and coaching on strengths is performed and a de-brief conducted

What Participants Receive

  • A signed copy of Jeff Hahn’s book, Breaking Bad News: 12 Essential Crisis Communication Tools
  • A Rapid Response training deck with the models used in the simulation

Workshop Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $9,500 for a half-day session to $17,500 for a full-day session
  • Course customization and travel may increase pricing

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