The new World-Wild Web takes off

There once was an era where the Internet became accessible to all, anything and everything was possible and anyone and everyone stood to benefit from a new epoch of freedom and equality of information where truth reigned and the imagination knew no bounds.

Then, like planetary accretion, entities started colliding, growing, gobbling up everything around them until only a small few monolithic giants were left traversing the space around us.

These days a staggering majority of information making up this second phase of the Internet (Web2) is stored, managed and governed almost entirely by these few behemoths. This centralized control has led to stifled innovation, a homogenized approach to development and a precariously vulnerable storage state of “humanity’s most important information.” (filecoin.io)

In 2024, the explosion of computing power being developed alongside the exponential growth in AI automation, blockchain technology and leaps in quantum processing will finally reveal the benefits and potential of the infant decentralized web (Dweb/Web3) accelerating its development and bringing decentralization into the mainstream. This will bring about new challengers to the Web2 monoliths and some familiar faces, such as Adobe — having seen the writing on the wall and incorporating and innovating these new technologies at scale and speed, frictionlessly into every aspect of their offerings — will be positioned for a new form of monolithic success.

Those brands that become early adopters will stand to gain an unprecedented level of insight, collaboration and trust among partners, users and customers as our perception of the Internet is completely reinvented and opened up to everyone’s imagination for how to build the next generation of humanity’s virtual world.

New standards, processes and creative methodologies in this new cyber-ecosystem will not only blur the lines between virtual and real experiences but will make for an exciting new era of unlimited possibility for people and brands alike.

(Check out fil.org to see the latest and greatest in the world of the Dweb.)

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