SURPRISE! Fun destroys boring in the pursuit of profits

People like fun. People spend money. Brands require money to survive and people to thrive. Anecdotally, the equation is simple… give people fun, they’ll give you their money AND their love. But even though we see objects fall when acted upon by gravity, scientists still had to prove that it existed.

Likewise, marketers, often akin to dentists painstakingly plying out stubborn molars, have to convince brands that fun works… That fun = money… And that fun + love = lots more of it.

Marketers/Designers/Creatives whose work responds to, participates in and contributes to culture, taps into the zeitgeist of their audience, has a spirit and personality – the expensive and difficult kind that requires human minds and hands with five fingers… that requires the hearts of the designers, artists and producers before it reaches the hearts of customers – is the marketing that builds brand value.

In 2024, we believe those creative data scientists, coming-into-their-own and deploying imagination to their trade alongside their strategic and creative partners, can and will finally PROVE that fun is how brands grow in value and bring harmony to boardrooms deciding how humanity spends its time.

Brands that don’t catch on will sell undifferentiated commodities to the algorithms that recommend them to the algorithms that serve them to people, chasing them all over the Internet. And they may survive. But they will no longer thrive because they have created nothing lasting, no deeper meaning, no ongoing value for folks to buy into.

FUN will reign supreme!

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The sacrificial altar of SEO will crumble