To summarize, we wanted to come back around, full circle, and reiterate the exciting ways marketers and brands can look to get ahead in 2024.

Begin placing an emphasis on causal reasoning and estimation in using and applying data analysis to foresee the immediate future with confidence and hire or nurture data teams to deploy their imagination, not just their rote skills, in projects.

Integrate AI as a quality accelerant and an expectation disruptor into workflows pervasively with a dedicated and passionate focus on the NI filters and expertise wielding it in new and exciting ways.

Focus on ideas to reimagine what tactics, channels and outputs signify the greatest value for your brand to people and get ready for decentralization by asking how we can recraft a completely new virtual world.

Get real. Really real. What is the story behind the execution? And how can we leverage that story to stop cowering in the face of canons of search terms and start breathing life back into our brands?

And lastly, have some fun. It’s literally worth it.

Check out what we having cooking for 2024 at Hahn. Visit us or give us a shout at hahn.agency.

SURPRISE! Fun destroys boring in the pursuit of profits
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