AI demand for human touch soars

Generative AI is evolving faster than the triggers of artificial natural selection are even able to be developed. And make no mistake, this is evolution occurring in real-time before our very screens. This almost unchecked growth is like multiple pubescent awkward-stages at the same time for both the medium itself and the people trying to keep up with it alike. That means that it is both exhilarating and just plain messy, all at once.

The kneejerk is to think that everything is solved. We as marketers don’t have to think or create for ourselves anymore… the AI will just do everything for us, so now we can sit back, binge watch the Golden Bachelor and make our bosses think we’re brilliant until they catch on and we have to find a different job or career path.

The reality is that we have to add this tool to our arsenal, just as musicians, photographers and special effects wizards had to lose the reel-to-reels and add digital tools to their repertoire as amplifiers of creativity. If we can find a way to embrace the brilliant chaos evolving before our eyes, we can realize that there are discoveries and ideas to be made that never would have been possible without these launchpads into the unknown. AI + NI is greater than the sum of its parts.

Effectively this means that we as marketers – and especially creatives – must, in the face of our own fears, dive head-first into the fray to not only guide the inputs of these incredible, nascent creative forms but also nurture and leverage their outputs as fuel for a whole new world of conceptualization that is directed, crafted and perfected by our hand.

From quality control to legal implications and groundbreaking originality at its most unique and game-changing nature, we must finally lean, trust-fall-worthy, into our own humanity in order to achieve the full potential of our species’ own creation.

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